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History :

GIGAMARBLE LTD is a company based in Greece. It has privately owned facilities at Vrilissia on Tinos Street 6. The company was founded in 1981 by Mr. Haniotis Theodoros, a marble trader since the 1970s.

Premises :

The production unit is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery for stone and marble processing.

The show room was created with one thought in mind : that visitors are able to see with their own eyes the many examples of material processing and applications possible  and to understand the inexhaustible possibilities modern techniques offer.

Human Resources :

Thanks to the complete and well chosen manning of our company, we are capable of undertaking all kinds of projects, irrespectively of its size or difficulty, in Greece or the rest of the world. Our associates, with which our company has had a long collaboration, will work on the various steps that are necessary in order to complete the project, guaranteeing an absolute level of quality and reliability.

Gigamarble Ltd is manned by technical and administrative staff, which works in the following departments:

  • Administrative department

  • Sales department

  • Engineering department

  • Production crews

  • Placement crews

  • Transport department

Exports :

Our company offers wholesale supply of the finest Greek marble worldwide.

The effective quality control, the sufficient stock holding and capability of short time deliveries, guarantee an optimal result for any demanding project and make our company significant in a competitive international market place.

Production :

By being able to control all stages of the procedure, from supplying the material to processing and finally placing the pieces at their final destination, we are able to ensure the absolute quality of the final product.

The production follows 5 distinct phases:

  1. Cutting the blocks to slabs, according to the needs of the order.

  2. Cutting the slabs to the dimensions needed.

  3. Polishing and processing the pieces that were cut.

  4. Working on some artistic processing to some selected pieces, if there is a need or demand by the client.

  5. Packaging in numbered boxes that are always accompanied by a register.

The possibilities of stone and marble processing that are offered by our company are practically inexhaustible, but here is a list of some of the most usual ones:

  • Carving and relief

  • Patinas

  • Artificial ageing

  • Sandblasting

  • Waterproofing

  • Cutting and carving by hand

Most of the aforementioned techniques require the manual intervention of our workers and the selection of which processing technique is appropriate for each material. This is something that has been established after exhaustive tests and years of experience.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the care we put into the process of any given project we handle, which is the best and most appropriate for any kind of material used.

Finally, it is worth to be mentioned that our company is ready to undertake any kind of new technique or way of working that is needed for the special needs of our clients…

Placement :

The company’s staff of technicians are manned by highly skilled workers. Their experience comes from several years of working on high quality materials and demanding assignments in top level constructions.

The procedure of assembling the marble and stone projects follows some strict steps:

  1. Gathering of all the slates that are referenced in the blueprint, which also gives us the exact positioning of the slates.

  2. Second quality control of every piece of stone or marble prior to the placement (the first one has taken place at the production site).

  3. Using electronic devices for the correct and exact alignment and placement of every piece.

Finally, we consider that after sales support is a matter of capital priority, and this includes the routine maintenance, as well as the repair of damages caused by natural phenomena or changes that might be demanded.

A small, selective list of works where the construction staff of Gigamarble Ltd are the hotels ASTIR PALACE - Vouliagmeni, Athens Marriot Hotel - L.Siggrou, Ikos Dassia - Corfu, Sani Dunes - Halkidiki and the shopping center Golden Hall - Kifisias avenue 37Α - Marousi.

Top rated in :

  • Variety (200 kinds of decorative rocks)

  • Design (dedicated department with engineers, architects, decorators)

  • Applications (processing, projects)

  • Partnerships (customer network – local and abroad)

Strenghts :

  • Vertically integrated infrastructure

  • Profound expertise and traditional application methods

  • Reliability and dependability

  • Quality assurance

Vision :

Our vision is to be an effective and efficient company at the sector of marble or other decorative stones, satisfying all parties that invest in us : our customers, our employees, our suppliers and our shareholders.

The four pillars on which our vision is built are:

  • Providing reliable products and services, with consistent focus on satisfying our customers and building long-term relationships with them.

  • Ensuring good financial results to ensure our long-term success.

  • Developing a working environment that recognizes and exploits the capabilities of our employees, as well as continually investing in their knowledge and development.

  • Respect for the natural environment.

Our Services :

Marble Wall Coverings

As it concerns wall marble coverings, we always research the place that has to be covered and depending on the style of decoration you wish to give, the architecture and the natural environment, we always carefully select and propose the appropriate marbles.

The process of lining marble faces can be done with the use of special mortars or mechanical suspension - which is recommended due to the high specific weight of the marble. In order to be successful, attention must be paid to the following:
• The pieces of marble must be solid, free of cracks, flat, and with straight edges for proper application.

• In the case of mechanical mounting, the supports shall be of stainless steel. If the skeleton is oxidized over time, the marble will also oxidize and have visible stains. Also, if the steel comes into contact with other metals and electrolysis occurs, the skeleton will gradually be destroyed.

• The joints between the pieces of marble must be of sufficient width to allow these pieces to be thermally expanded and seismically sound (approx. 4 mm). They must be sealed with elastomeric materials for the same reasons.

• The slabs must be more than 3 cm thick to ensure the required fracture resistance. Lower wall outer rugs are actually dangerous.

• The application surfaces must be vertical, especially in the case of rubbing mortars, to ensure the level of the final result.

• Each slab should bear only its own weight and place it direct to the specific place of the wall and not to its adjacent wall. This of course indicates that this wall must have been calculated in the static design for this purpose.

Marble and Granite Counters
We undertake the supply and placement of marble counters, indoors and outdoors. We always use the best materials for placing marbles, always focusing on the detail for the best possible result.
The natural stone kitchen counter (natural granite, natural marble) is a timeless choice. Natural stone provides beauty and elegance, as this material gives the feeling of natural stone strength and purity.

Natural granite is the toughest and durable material for a kitchen counter. The darker the color of the granite the stronger the material's durability. It is a porous material and this does not make it stain resistant but with proper protection and maintenance it will adorn your kitchen for many years.

Marble belongs to the category of natural rocks but is softer than granite and needs attention. It is, however, a material vulnerable to acids containing certain foods such as oranges, vinegar or lemons. If these acids fall on a marble surface and are not cleaned immediately then they can cause damage.

If you choose a natural stone counter, you can make great combinations with natural wood cabinets like mahogany and birch. You should also pay close attention to the lighting of the kitchen to highlight the stone surface of the bench.

Marble Flooring

We supply and distribute marble for indoor and outdoor use. We always use the best materials for placing marbles, always focusing on the detail for the best possible result.

The slabs is always placed on a stable and horizontal position. We usually use cement mortar for this job to make the substrate solid and durable. It must not be able to absorb moisture or allow moisture to pass under the substrate. In most cases we put the cementitious substrate on a concrete slab. Otherwise (if the substrate absorbs moisture it may swell or recede), the marble slabs will peel off and the cost and hassle of repairing will be high.
The marble slabs are glued to the substrate in the same way as the ceramic tiles are placed and using the same glue. The glue is spread with a combed spatula, and the pieces of marble are placed so that they are all on the same level (horizontal plane) with a light stroke and continuous scrutiny. If this area requires slight adjustments to direct the water in a certain direction, this must be done during the cement filling phase. Each marble slab should not protrude from its adjoining side. This would be a misdemeanor even if the overhang was more than a few millimeters possibly a risk of an accident.
Marble as a material has a significant thermal expansion coefficient. Consequently, joints should be created around (ie where the marble will come into contact with the walls), but also between the marble slabs. Although aesthetically it may be preferable to place marble tiles without joints in some cases, it is technically more appropriate to use joints to provide a longer construction. If we do not want to have joints between the marble slabs, then of course we need to ensure that there are joints around. These joints will then be covered with the same marble.

Special Constructions
We undertake the supply and placement of any special marble construction. This can include marble fireplaces, washbasins, marble bath tabs, marble pillar lining, marble swimming pools, drainage racks, special marble pedestals and much more.

Marble Staircase

We undertake the supply and placement of marble stairs indoors and outdoors. We always use the best materials for placing marbles, always focusing on the detail for the best possible result.

Marble staircases are widely used both in private homes and in public places. Marble is a unique material in its properties and appearance. The surface of a natural stone has a unique pattern, which is not repeated in the material, even if the rocks are mined in a deposition. Therefore, it is impossible to come across two stairs with completely identical marble stairs.

Marble designs have many positive properties.

  • The material is harmless to health as it is completely environmentally friendly.

  • Long life. With proper care, the ladder will last more than twelve years, and the appearance and characteristics of the step lining will not change. White marble products begin to age only after 100 years.

  • A wide variety of colors and unique designs on the tile will allow you to choose the right solution for any interior design.

  • High resistance to mechanical stress and friction.

  • The material is not subject to deformation, as it is resistant to tears and cracks.

  • Resistance to corrotion and decomposition.

  • High strength.

Marble Finishing
Any processing that can be done on marbles, such as finishing, antique processing, sandblasting, crushing, glaze on the surface of marble, brush, glazed etc is carrying out in our factory by modern machines for perfect results.
We undertake the polishing of marbles with modern grinding machines, for perfect results.

Contact :

Athens Headquarters: 3rd Septemvriou 144 - Athens - Post code : 11251

Branch : Tinou 6 - Vrilissia - Post code : 15235 (factory-showroom)

Tel. 0030 210-6134922/23

Fax. 0030 210-8104260



Contact Persons :

Opening Hours :
Monday-Friday : 8:00pm–18:00am
Saturday : 8:00pm–15:00am
Sunday : Closed

Haniotis Theodoros - 0030 6932437708

Haniotis Spyros - 0030 6945388274

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